What is Senob Addiction, LLC. -“The Brand”

Senob Addiction, LLC. is the #1 resource for the LGBT community. Providing the hottest music, to the best night clubs, to a new social platform. We offer a plethora of information as well as a host of services for entrepreneurs, artist’s and everyone in between.

Our primary goal is to be the main resource for the LGBT community.  

Our Vision is to remodel the way the LGBT community and its business is handled. By connecting the right people together as well as, increase the standard by which the average “Jill/Joe” Parties.

Our Mission is to be the most positive and professional resource, online and in person for the LGBT communtiy. By supporting other LGBT businesses & sponsoring different LGBT Prides such as, “Sweetheat”, “Bait NYC” & “PureHeat” ATlanta pride.  Senob Addiction is highly involved in LGBT community. Which gives us the opportunity to provide different events, featured guest interviews, latest news & our very own SenobLife Clothing Line to name a few. Senob Addiction is more than a Brand, more than a Movement, it’s a LIFESTYLE, it’s an ATTITUDE.

What is SenobAddication.com – “The Social Network”

SenobAddiction.com, The Social Network,  is a social network targeting the LGBT community. Designed to create interaction between singer’s, songwriter’s, producer’s, artist’s, dj’s, promoter’s, photographer’s, business owner’s, entertainer’s, model’s and MORE. The site allows members to network, market, promote & advertise themselves business, brand or talents. Or simply socialize with each other in a mature and secure environment. Now Go… Join, Mingle, Network, Promote & Share!