Skyy is a 32-year-old author, screenwriter and playwright from Memphis, TN. Her first novel, “Choices” was released in 2006 and quickly gained popularity both within the gay, lesbian and urban fiction community. The highly anticipated sequel, “Consequences” was released in 2009 with high praises and rocketed to the top 10 lesbian best-sellers lists on and independent bookstores across the country. Since the release of “Choices”, Skyy has been a featured guest on the nationally syndicated radio show, the Micahel Baisden Show. In 2010 Skyy debuted her first sold out stage play entitled “III” (Three), receiving high praise..


Today Skyy has published four full length novels in the Choices series which include “Choices”, “Consequences”, “Crossroads” and “Full Circle” and is featured in two anthologies, “Les Tales: Tempted to Touch” and Carl Weber’s: “Full Figured Divas 8”. Skyy also hosts a podcast on all things geek with a friend called the Fan Girls Podcast..