Beyonce’s “Lemonade” Video Album

Beyoncé has released her long-anticipated sixth album, Lemonade, exclusively on Tidal. The 12-song album, the singer’s sixth, arrives right on time with a short film and is a “conceptual project based on every woman’s journey of self-knowledge and healing,” Tidal said in a statement. Following Tidal’s exclusive stream of Lemonade, it is now offering downloads of Beyoncé’s new album for $17.99 at their site. According to the New York Times, Apple’s iTunes Music Store will also begin carrying Lemonade for purchase starting Sunday at midnight EST. Tidal will remain the venue to stream the album and its visual accompaniment.

Beyonce Debuts “LEMONADE” visual album on HBO

Saturday’s HBO debut of Lemonade, a 58-minute “visual album,” wasn’t the first time that Beyoncé Knowles has trumpeted a new album with a suite of video clips. Yet unlike the slick scenes that accompanied 2013’s Beyoncé, which found her shifting through an array of glamorous and hopelessly unreal dioramas, Lemonade is freighted with meaning. Taken as a whole, the new film may be a state-of-the-art piece of advertising – seven directors worked on the project, including Knowles herself – but it’s also a substantial artistic statement strong enough to be consumed without hearing the album it promotes (which, at the moment, requires a Tidal subscription).

Will The Fans Love “LEMONADE”

LEMONADE Album Tracklist:

Lemonade Track List

1. “Pray You Catch Me”
2. “Hold Up”
3. “Don’t Hurt Yourself”
4. “Sorry”
5. “6 Inch”
6. “Daddy Lessons”
7. “Love Drought”
8. “Sandcastles”
9. “Forward”
10. “Freedom”
11. “All Night”
12. “Formation”