Our favorite reality television CELESBIAN – Blu of Bad Girls Club Season 12 sits down with TheSource magazine and lets us in a little more into her world. Checkout what you may have missed here! Then click here For the full Blu Interview

Thesource.com: Welcome to Richmond, is this your first time here?

Blu: Thank you, yes it is my first time, I wanted to come here…..hold up this is my part.(Referring to KeKe Wyatt singing ‘If only you knew’ on her computer) She don’t get the recognition she deserves. She’s probably one of the best singers since Whitney Houston…she is crazy; however every woman is a little crazy. I feel like she has a reason, we all have our own reason, people judge celebrities so much.

Thesource.com: What was life like growing up?

Blu: From the age of 6 to 23 my life was mapped out. I knew I was going to school and going to practice. The majority of my life I played basketball and went to school that’s what I did. I got my bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Thesource.com: Do you ever think about going back to school?

B: That’s what I wanted to do but I didn’t wanna um… (Pausing looking out in front of her) it’s consequences to everything you do. I had a full ride on basketball; I was in the position to go back to school for free once I was finished with my undergrad. I got into a fight my senior year of college and I was suspended for 190 days. I got out of the school mentality when I got kicked out of college and I was like, I don’t wanna go back. I don’t have any regrets though.

(Tevin Campbell comes on and Blu stops to sing)

Blu: I love RnB.

Thesource.com: Who is your favorite artist?

Blu: I’m a Brian McKnight fan all day long. Brian McKnight is my favorite artist.

Thesource.com: What’s your favorite genre of music?

Blu: Gospel, I could listen to a gospel song and start crying right now, that’s my church, it speaks to me. My grandma a preacher, she a lo-key thug.

Thesource.com: Let’s talk about Bad Girls Club, seems like everyone on the show is a lesbian, is that one of the requirements to get on the show?

Blu: I don’t know what it takes to get on Bad Girls Club, I tell everyone to just be yourself.

Thesource.com: So are you into men or women?

Blu: I think I’m just living. (as she laughs)