King Bodies by King Kellz

THE KING BODIES REVOLUTION The King Bodies revolution of fitness was created to motivate, empower, and build bad ass minds, bodies, and souls, one rep at a time. Welcome to the revolution! SERVICES OFFERED Online Personal Training: Thanks for your interest in training with King Bodies! With personal training you have a 80% better chance of reaching your goals versus working towards them independently. There’s very little room for slacking since you will be on a tight, closely monitored schedule. Your dietary and exercise needs will be met with customized plans, geared towards your personal goals. They’ll also be Weekly weight tracking, along with monthly measurements to see progress in inches in addition to pounds. Worried about location? Doesn't matter! Sessions are done online via [...]

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DR TAKEOVER 2020 Pride

"DR Takeover 2020" Is On Another Level DR Takeover 2020 is on another level! DR Takeover welcomes you to a first class experience of the #1,  LGBT all inclusive vacation to the Dominican Republic, September 3rd-7th, 2020. The Resort & Rooms Are On Another Level Located on the beachfront on the idyllic Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), the Meliá Caribe Tropical hotel is the perfect option for DR Takeover 2020, thanks to its beautiful beach, extensive and comfortable facilities, wide range of activities and entertainment, and the superior quality of services. Melia Caribe is an ALL-INCLUSIVE resort so the prices below include all meals, beverages and lodging costs! Guests for DRTakeover20 are invited to [...]

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TUV Magazine, The Unleashed Voice

TUV Magazine: It's more than a magazine--It's A Synergized Movement! TUV Magazine is comprised of a unique blend of thought leaders who in their own perspective field are leaders.  However, collectively they joined forces and created an evolution for the #IAMUnleashed Movement! Join the Movement because TUV Magazine is more than just a Magazine. TUV Magazine is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Davin Clemons and Gwendolyn D. Clemons in 2014.  The mission of Unleashed fighting inequality through comprehensive empowerment programs for the LGBT Community. Publisher/ Editor-In-Chief, Gwen D. Clemons TUV MAGAZINE EXPLORES “OTHERNESS!” The Unleashed Voice Magazine does it again! TUV Magazines explores the deep rooted draconian perception of gender identity. The Redefining Issue [...]

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S Personality Clothing


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Tristate Black Pride Memphis

The Official Pride of the Memphis Tri-State Area The Center For Black Equity (CBE) has recognized TriState Black Pride as the official Black Pride for Memphis, TN. This recognition is based on three factors: Capacity, Community Support and, Commitment to the CBE’s mission and values. After an extensive four-month review, which included an interview with The Cathedral Foundation and discussions with members of the Memphis Black LGBTQ community, the CBE is convinced that, "The Cathedral Foundation" will set a high standard for an inclusive, well executed Black Pride event for the Memphis, TN metropolitan area. Tri State pride kicks off  Thursday, June 18th 2020 and the fun doesn't end until Sunday, June 21st. TSB [...]

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The Return of YOLGBT Raps:

YOLGBT RAPS, MUSIC, NEWS, EVENTS and CULTURE! YOLGBT Raps returns and the timing couldn't be better! It is YOLGBT Raps mission to inspire a higher standard in showcasing music in the lgbtq community through a visual media and digital platform.  YOLGBT Raps believes in and strives to provide content that will stimulate, educate, and advocate all elements of our community.   YLR host: Khaos Da Rapper sits down to interview, CEO of Encore Pride & Senob Addiction, "BONES."   Get Familiar with YLR: They are a handful of creatives who want to create a place that reflects our culture a little more infused with the LGBTQ community. An open place to be queer, celebrate the things that [...]

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Music City "ENCORE" Pride Music City get ready! Encore, is the first official Pride to be introduced to Nashville, TN.  Encore Pride is a premiere all inclusive weekend.  Brought to you by SENOBADDICTION.COM and JUK Productions.  Who have joined together to bring Nashville, TN it’s very own Pride weekend, July 28th - 30th 2017.  Their goal is to provide education, awareness, the hottest event lineup, celebrity guest appearances, and mixer events. That make for plush days and epic nights in the heart of Music City.  Being the new kid on the block the goal of Encore, is to add a weekend packed of festivities for the LGBTQ community to enjoy.  Adding to the Nashville Pride events that are already enjoyed, supported, and loved.  Everyday cultivating the best [...]

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Bait New York City 2020

ANNUAL PRIDE WOMEN'S WEEKEND BaitNYC Pride is an exclusive weekend for women that kicks off in New York. The city that never sleeps June 25th-28th, 2020. Bait is brought to you by one of the hottest duos in the LGBT community. Host & NYC promoter, "Nun Betta". Who is also responsible for delivering the hottest parties. Such as, "Champagne & Cereal" & SOS Saturdays (Sexy On Saturday's). The other bullet out of the smoking gun striking the apple is, "DJ Dimples". The founder and creator, of the hottest pride for women. Taking over South Beach each spring in May, "SweetHeat Miami". Bait NYC "2020" is June 25th-28th for info, tickets & passes. The producers [...]

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CRUSH Chicago Pride

CRUSH Chicago Pride Weekend for Women CRUSH Chicago Pride is A Full Scheduled Weekend of Upscale Day & Night Events catered to Women during CRUSH Chicago Pride Weekend.This is the brainchild of a group of Chicago Promoters that had grown tired of having to hop on a plane and travel to another city just to experience an event-filled Pride Weekend for Women.Collectively the group has been promoting events in Chicago for over 10 years, and it's almost guaranteed that if you've been to a lesbian party in Chicago, it was one of our events.We invite you to look forward to a weekend by women for women - with Day & Night Parties, a yacht Party [...]

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Velvet Ibiza Pride Weekend in Spain

  Velvet Ibiza Velvet Ibiza Pride Weekend dates are April 27th-May 1st, 2017. Velvet Ibiza is the wildest "WOMEN ONLY" weekend in Spain.  5 days & 4 nights of pool parties, music, sports, beach, clubbing girls all in one location: Club Punta Arabi Resort. Sun, sea, beach, pool and hundreds of gorgeous women! Velvet Ibiza 2017 New Location Velvet Ibiza 2017 will be in the most amazing  this year with a new location: PALLADIUM FIESTA HOTEL TANIT. The Fiesta Hotel Tanit offers the ideal setting for a magnificent holiday. The hotel boasts facilities like a delicious buffet style restaurant for a perfect all inclusive experience in Ibiza. Located in the charming Cala Gracio´s cove, the hotel features beautiful [...]

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Every Woman Must Have, Wet For Her Toy Box

Wet For Her Valentine's Toy Box Want to make this Valentine’s Day one of the most memorable ever? Don’t be boring and go the flower and chocolate route this year. Give the unexpected and think out of the box, Wet For Her Toy Box! French designer, Alice DeRock is inviting you to spice things up, explore your kinky side and indulge in a little something-something extra with the special Wet For Her Toy Box Valentine’s Day. Imagine how you could spend your V-Day?(fun intended!) "Rules were made to be broken so break out of your comfort zone and ditch the good girl behavior to make your partner wish V-Day happened every day,” says Alice D. The [...]

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NEW MUSIC! Karizma “Day by Day”

Female Rapper Karizma "Day by Day" Video Back at it! New music from Karizma "Day by Day" video. The Nashville native was born at Baptist Hospital April,1985. Karizma always has had a love for music and used to freestyle with her cousins. At the age of nine she wrote her first rap. With a love for poetry and the creation process she figured with music that it went hand in hand. The many ways you can express life, emotion, etc. is amazing. In high school, Karizma was in her first rap group in which, she started to gain experience in the studio. After high school Karizma attended and graduated from SAE Institute of Technology on Music Row. Karizma has been [...]

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Queer Fashion Week & Conference

LGBTQ Queer Fashion Week & conference In November of 2014, Miz Chris of fiveTEN Oakland Events called Fallon Davis of the What is Butch Movement. With an idea and that idea became Queer Fashion Week. Utilizing the success of both entities in the event and fashion industry the merger was a perfect idea. The success of year 1 (April 2015) has allowed us to expand our vision creating Queer Fashion Week & Conference to encompass all the attributes of the fashion, glam, modeling, and political stand points of the Queer Community. Along with that change the founder of The What is Butch? Movement expanded her visions and housed her brands under one umbrella, creating [...]

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Nobody Knows Fashion Like Fallon Davis

Pioneer of Queer Fashion, Fallon Davis    Fallon Davis is a Pioneer of Queer Fashion, a leader by distinct nature, a visionary, a philanthropist, a true REBEL with a cause, a serial entrepreneur, a mentor, and a true activist for change. Her goal is to inspire minds and shake souls. The path to success is infinite, hence she struts an altogether different walk to forever leave footprints on the hearts of her followers. As a pioneer of the first masculine of center fashion shows, her role as curator of creative events was cemented at LIM College in New York City, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude majoring in Marketing, with an emphasis on event production and [...]

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Bring Your Ideas To Life with R3b3l M3dia

R3b3l M3dia Introduces Artistry With No Judgement R3b3l M3dia Created from the heart of Atlanta GA by the souls of two passionate and queer women of color; Fallon and Vanessa Davis, January 2016. R3B3L M3DIA is a full-service creative boutique agency focused on servicing small businesses, independent artists of all mediums, and true R3B3LS with a cause. We are a small company with powerful ideas, unstoppable work ethics, and fresh ideas/results to bring to any business artists or brand. Our Mission is to always remain true to our core values, be open minded, and continue to defy the odds. Each person/brand we present is a direct representation of us and we pride ourselves on working [...]

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Tennessee Equality Project

LGBTQ Resource, The Tennessee Equality Project The Tennessee Equality Project was Founded in 2004,  Tennessee Equality began fighting the marriage discrimination amendment working its way through the Tennessee General Assembly.  The same legislative session brought a host of other discriminatory bills such as attempts to ban adoption by members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. As well as fighting negative bills at the state level, we have advanced positive legislation in local governments around the state including Metro Nashville, the City of Knoxville, Knox County, the City of Memphis, and the City of Chattanooga.  We believe Tennesseans in every corner of our state deserve equal protection of the law. The Tennessee Equality Project [...]

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New Temper No Go Video

The Wait is over! TEMPER No Go Video Temper No Go Video off her, "Dear Ego" (Vision Board) project coming soon. The project will only be available to those who donated towards Temper's first project, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"  coming 2018. Temper is A Rap Icon The one & only, TEMPER    Artist Temper smiling at life. Temper hails from Chicago's Wild Huneds and is the Hottest Female Rapper Alive! She is one of nine children and she has been doing music since age nine. Temper is as real as it gets. She is comfortable in her own skin and not defined by her sexuality, however, any explanations [...]

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The Dinah Shore Pool Pass Giveaway

Senob Addiction Ready For, The Dinah Shore Pool Pass Giveaway Who is ready for the Dinah Shore Pool Pass Giveaway? 1 lucky winner will receive (2) Saturday Pool Passes to attend the largest girl pool party in the world, The Dinah Shore. Courtesy of Senob Addiction and the rules are really simple.   The Dinah Shore Pool Pass Giveaway Rules The rules for participating in the contest are really simple. You must be following  both our Instagram pages @senob_addiction & @encorepride Like our Nashville Music City Encore Page on Facebook : Repost our upcoming Encore Pride event flyer pictured below, tagging @senob_addiction & @encorepride, & add  the hashtags #Encore Pride #SenobAddiction #TheDinahPoolPassGiveAway #Encore Pride #SenobAddiction #TheDinahPoolPassGiveAway [...]

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FAKE LOVE Remix by Slim Jenkinz

New “Fake Love” Video Female Beast, Slim Jenkinz seems ready to take on the New Year. Staying consistent and dropping yet another awesome video titled, Fake Love. Slim, remixing the original newly released song from artist Drake. Slim puts on a fun, groovy twist to the song with some dope visuals captured by,  ShotByReginald. Female Beast “FAKE LOVE” Video Shoot Watch and Enjoy the “Fake Love” Remix Video and let us know what you think. […]

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SIYA, “I Know I Know” Video

New Video from Siya, "I know I know" Siya is back with her new video titled, "I Know I know." A track you can find on her newly released album, "Siya Vs Siya." Siya has been working hard dropping new songs and visuals and now is ready to give her fans what they have been waiting for. "Siya vs Siya," released 10 December, 2016. Involving collaborations with artist such as, Ashley Rose, Jake & Papa, Lyric Wright and Kreesha Turner. The Sound and Feel "I Know I Know," was produced by, BlickieBlaze. Over the piano-looped production, Siya channels her aggression and delivers a laid back street heater. Flexing on the haters and competition in the process. It’s catchy, conservative melody, and sound [...]

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KRAVE Spring Break

KRAVE Palm Springs Pride 2020 KRAVE Spring Break is known for producing the BIGGEST PARTIES in Southern CA. Including THIRST, JUICY, Fantasy Fridayz, and the LA Pride Afterparty. Promoter powerhouses have teamed up to bring you the HOTTEST new weekend event in Palm Springs, Krave Spring Break!  Join thousands of women as we turn up with the freshest DJ's, Celebrity Guests, Go Go Dancer's, Performers, and Hosts in the country at the most premiere venues in Palm Springs. THRIVE Entertainment Thrive Entertainment is here to switch up the Long Beach party scene. With a pristine new vibe, putting it down, and making you shake it off and have a great time. [...]

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“Dinah Shore” – Palm Springs Pride 2017

DINAH SHORE 2017 Dinah Shore Ladies if you missed Dinah Shore last year get ready for, "2017." Tickets and hotel rooms go on sale July 1st.  Dinah for women is the original & nation's largest lesbian pride.  Presented to you by: "Club Skirts."  This exclusive pride week for women is in Palm Springs, California each spring.  Hosting the largest pool party in the world known to lesbian women. A five day weekend get away & music festival catering to the lesbian community. The event offers a series of pool parties, night entertainment, live concerts by Top Ten Billboard recording artists, comedy shows, sport-games, and social networking opportunities. Primarily catering to the lesbian demographics.  The [...]

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New Freestyle Video, Young M.A “EAT”

Young M.A "EAT" Blessing us with six minutes of non-stop bars to remind you, why we love rap. Back at it with a new freestyle video, Young M.A "EAT" “I just want to thank my mother,” she raps. “For having me after she had my brother / All that pain and that suffer / She ain’t just have us natural / The doctors had to cut her / C-section, but what a blessing.” Then, the buzzing MC takes on haters who’ve dissed her sexuality. “Goddamn,” she raps. “That just make you look less of a man, fam / To shit on y’all is part of the damn plan.” Plus, she adds a warning about [...]

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Jared Milrad sits down with Senob Addiction

Jared Milrad, author of the newly released “So, You Want to Get (Gay) Married” Author Jared Milrad Jared Milrad, co-wrote this book with his husband Nathan Johnson- the history making same-sex couple featured in Hillary Clinton's viral presidential campaign commercials (“Getting Started,” “Equal”) with 10 million+ views worldwide. In this humorous and witty guidebook for the unhitched, the couple shares practical tips on how to tie the same-sex knot, while barely remaining sane and relationship savvy along the way. Released on October 25, the book is NOW available at, on Amazon, Kindle and in bookstores on demand. At a time when many members of the LGBTQ community are fearful about what's next for our community, Jared Milrad wrote this book not only [...]

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Female Beast Slim Jenkinz

 SLIM JENKINZ releases, "LOOK at HER CLAP" Rap artist and songwriter, Slim Jenkinz  has been staying busy with the music. Recently releasing her new video, "Look at Her Clap" featuring, Freddie P. The track is definitely an uptempo, dance, and party song produced by, Aye Double A.      Slim Jenkinz & Producer Aye Double A Slim is a prominent member of the DC Female Rappers movement. Slim got her big break by collaborating with fellow female rapper, Ziggy on the song "Look Back At It." Listen to, "Look at Her Clap" now!

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