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The Hottest Duo in Atlanta

The Club Killerz Boss Britt and DJ Exel   If you don't know them pick a day to get acquainted. "Get lit" with Boss Britt and DJ Exel "She's A Big Deal". In Atlanta throwing weekly parties for "Girls Who Love Girls".  Every Thursday, "4Play Thursday" pull up at, Speakeasy Lounge (156 Forsyth St S.W. Atlanta, G.A.30303). Every Saturday is the "LUST" party at, Pegasus Lounge (3375 Buford HWY N.E. 1050 Atlanta, G.A. 30329). Every Sunday is the "Kiss and Tell" day party at, Kiss Ultra Lounge (495 Whitehall St. S.W. Atlanta, G.A. 30303). You can't ever say there is nothing to do in Atlanta.     Weekly Events THURSDAY   SATURDAY [...]

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Lady M – Female Hip Hop/Reggaeton Artist

From Her Latin Roots To Her Hip-Hop "Swag" Style Lady M has created the new reputation of Hip-Hop. Miami Bred Marlene Rojas aka Lady M has been the musical Picasso creating her image as the newest Hip Hop/Reggaeton Sensation in the industry. With the collaboration with Local Miami producer "Kuttz" she started creating and mastering her art, Releasing her first Mix-Tape "The Audition". With the release of her first mix-tape she started opening up shows and showcases, showing the world her hip hop/reggae influences. Selling out her first concert at Miami Club "Bohemio". The Audition broke ground allowing her to have guaranteed a new place in this industry as the new Underdog! With the [...]

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The Return of YOLGBT Raps:

YOLGBT RAPS, MUSIC, NEWS, EVENTS and CULTURE! YOLGBT Raps returns and the timing couldn't be better! It is YOLGBT Raps mission to inspire a higher standard in showcasing music in the lgbtq community through a visual media and digital platform.  YOLGBT Raps believes in and strives to provide content that will stimulate, educate, and advocate all elements of our community.   YLR host: Khaos Da Rapper sits down to interview, CEO of Encore Pride & Senob Addiction, "BONES."   Get Familiar with YLR: They are a handful of creatives who want to create a place that reflects our culture a little more infused with the LGBTQ community. An open place to be queer, celebrate the things that [...]

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SweetHeat Miami Pride 2020!

SweetHeat Miami Turns 13 SweetHeat Miami is the sexiest exclusive pride for women taking over South Beach each spring. It returns in 2020 and ladies I hope you are ready because this year, "Sweetheat" turns 13.  Brought to you by none other than DJ Dimples.  Dimples wasted no time and as soon as Sweetheat 2019 was over, she got right back to work.  Already announcing dates for 2020 and reassuring us that she has plenty of surprises up her sleeve for next year. A vivacious entrepreneur and female mogul.  Who since the better half of 2002, has been making her moniker well-known amongst the likes of the entertainment industry elite. Dimples definitely has her finger [...]

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Every Woman Must Have, Wet For Her Toy Box

Wet For Her Valentine's Toy Box Want to make this Valentine’s Day one of the most memorable ever? Don’t be boring and go the flower and chocolate route this year. Give the unexpected and think out of the box, Wet For Her Toy Box! French designer, Alice DeRock is inviting you to spice things up, explore your kinky side and indulge in a little something-something extra with the special Wet For Her Toy Box Valentine’s Day. Imagine how you could spend your V-Day?(fun intended!) "Rules were made to be broken so break out of your comfort zone and ditch the good girl behavior to make your partner wish V-Day happened every day,” says Alice D. The [...]

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Queer Fashion Week & Conference

LGBTQ Queer Fashion Week & conference In November of 2014, Miz Chris of fiveTEN Oakland Events called Fallon Davis of the What is Butch Movement. With an idea and that idea became Queer Fashion Week. Utilizing the success of both entities in the event and fashion industry the merger was a perfect idea. The success of year 1 (April 2015) has allowed us to expand our vision creating Queer Fashion Week & Conference to encompass all the attributes of the fashion, glam, modeling, and political stand points of the Queer Community. Along with that change the founder of The What is Butch? Movement expanded her visions and housed her brands under one umbrella, creating [...]

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Bring Your Ideas To Life with R3b3l M3dia

R3b3l M3dia Introduces Artistry With No Judgement R3b3l M3dia Created from the heart of Atlanta GA by the souls of two passionate and queer women of color; Fallon and Vanessa Davis, January 2016. R3B3L M3DIA is a full-service creative boutique agency focused on servicing small businesses, independent artists of all mediums, and true R3B3LS with a cause. We are a small company with powerful ideas, unstoppable work ethics, and fresh ideas/results to bring to any business artists or brand. Our Mission is to always remain true to our core values, be open minded, and continue to defy the odds. Each person/brand we present is a direct representation of us and we pride ourselves on working [...]

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Tennessee Equality Project

LGBTQ Resource, The Tennessee Equality Project The Tennessee Equality Project was Founded in 2004,  Tennessee Equality began fighting the marriage discrimination amendment working its way through the Tennessee General Assembly.  The same legislative session brought a host of other discriminatory bills such as attempts to ban adoption by members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. As well as fighting negative bills at the state level, we have advanced positive legislation in local governments around the state including Metro Nashville, the City of Knoxville, Knox County, the City of Memphis, and the City of Chattanooga.  We believe Tennesseans in every corner of our state deserve equal protection of the law. The Tennessee Equality Project [...]

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The Dinah Shore Pool Pass Giveaway

Senob Addiction Ready For, The Dinah Shore Pool Pass Giveaway Who is ready for the Dinah Shore Pool Pass Giveaway? 1 lucky winner will receive (2) Saturday Pool Passes to attend the largest girl pool party in the world, The Dinah Shore. Courtesy of Senob Addiction and the rules are really simple.   The Dinah Shore Pool Pass Giveaway Rules The rules for participating in the contest are really simple. You must be following  both our Instagram pages @senob_addiction & @encorepride Like our Nashville Music City Encore Page on Facebook : Repost our upcoming Encore Pride event flyer pictured below, tagging @senob_addiction & @encorepride, & add  the hashtags #Encore Pride #SenobAddiction #TheDinahPoolPassGiveAway #Encore Pride #SenobAddiction #TheDinahPoolPassGiveAway [...]

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Jared Milrad sits down with Senob Addiction

Jared Milrad, author of the newly released “So, You Want to Get (Gay) Married” Author Jared Milrad Jared Milrad, co-wrote this book with his husband Nathan Johnson- the history making same-sex couple featured in Hillary Clinton's viral presidential campaign commercials (“Getting Started,” “Equal”) with 10 million+ views worldwide. In this humorous and witty guidebook for the unhitched, the couple shares practical tips on how to tie the same-sex knot, while barely remaining sane and relationship savvy along the way. Released on October 25, the book is NOW available at, on Amazon, Kindle and in bookstores on demand. At a time when many members of the LGBTQ community are fearful about what's next for our community, Jared Milrad wrote this book not only [...]

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AN ALL FEMCEE TOUR In a male-dominated industry, Temper, Gimini, and Jeda Sky are making their way to the stage with one of the first all-female hip hop tour.  Quality Over Quantity will start off in New Orleans. The city where the duo Gimini were born and bred and ending in Atlanta where Jeda Sky is a rising star.  The tour promises to bring a breath of fresh air to fans.  Temper is the hip hop industry's best kept secret and has gained the respect of both her male and female peers due to her incredible writing and rhyming skills.  The time has come for the return of the dope femcees.   Quality Over Quantity Artists [...]

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Praying For Orlando

SENOB ADDICTION PRAYING FOR ORLANDO Senob Addiction Praying For Orlando. In the early morning hours of June 13, 2016.  Tradgedy struck at an Orlando, FL nightclub called, "Pulse." Shots rang out as a gunman identified as 29 year old,  Omar Mateen.  Opened fire using an AR-15 assault rifle.  Killing 50 innocent people and critically injuring 53 others.  Mateen lived and worked as a security guard 130 miles from the club in Ft Pierce, FL.  Carrying out the worst mass shooting known to American history <img alt="Omar Mir Seddique Mateen " class="media__image" src=""> Omar Mir Seddique Mateen   Who Was Omar Mateen Mateen most certainly did not have the best reputation. He was described by people who knew [...]

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CATCH YOUR BEAT Nicola Matos of "CATCH YOUR BEAT," is a freelance makeup artist.  That provides on-location makeup services with a vast range in the artistry of makeup.  Like a true makeup addict, her interest in makeup artistry began long before her career in makeup did.  "Catch" stays up-to-date on the most current and fashion-forward makeup techniques with continued education.  Nicola's work has been featured in film, modeling, photography, and bridal industries.  Working with a wide range of products including but not limited to.  MAC, Bobbi Brown, URBAN DECAY,  and Makeup Forever brands. CATCH YOUR BEAT ACROSS THE COUNTRY In addition to their freelance makeup services, CATCH also offers monthly makeup artistry classes.  For those interested in learning how to catch a beat of [...]

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Cuban Artist and Choreographer, Lady Cultura

LADY CULTURA Lady Cultura (Gabriella Lemus) was born on the 4th of July 1991.  In Miami, Florida to New York-Cuban parents Eva Tamargo and Michael Lemus. In 1999, 8 year old Cultura and her family moved to Los Angeles where her mother, Eva would persue a major acting career. Raised in the San Fernando Valley, Cultura attened CHAMPS (Charter Highschool of the Arts Multimedia and Performing School) in Van Nuys California.  Where she discovered her love of the arts in every form.  Along with her academic studies, Cultura was also trained, tested, and graded on her artistic abilities.  Including dance, ballet, modern, tap, swing, jazz, African, and theater.  In her sophmore year Cultura became part of the school's [...]

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STAR CAVALLI Tierra Richell Stevenson, born February 26th, 1988.  Is an American artist from Rochester, NY.  Now known as Star Cavalli, previously known as, Star A.K.A. Fresh & Baby- T.  Cavalli is one of those real talents that arise from the inner city Streets.  Very well known for mingling with some of the worlds most famous celebrities, she definitely has the "Star Power". A fresh face on the scene with a creative mind that combines street edge lyrical combat with a slick witty character. Cavalli writes her own material which she has adapted to laying down her lyrics without a pen and a pad.  As well as, helping to destroy the concept that females can't hold it [...]

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Colton Haynes, Comes Out!

Former “Teen Wolf” star Colton Haynes, Comes Out! Former “Teen Wolf” star Colton Haynes says “terminal anxiety” is what prompted him to take a break from television.  The 27-year-old tells Entertainment Weekly in an interview published Thursday that he asked to step away from MTV’s “Teen Wolf” and the CW’s “Arrow,” on which he had a recurring role, because he cared more about his “mental and physical health” than his career.  Haynes tells the magazine his anxiety was compounded in January when a reply to a blog comment was taken as him coming out.  He says he’s gay, but had never publicly spoken about his sexuality.  He says he checked into rehab for anxiety, [...]

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Kin4Life- Lesbian Hip Hop Icons

Kin4Life A new day is upon us, and Kin4Life answers to hip hop’s question “what happened to the female rap game”. Blessed with the lyrical prowess to compete with the hottest emcees in the business, and being touted as the female version of The Neptunes, the female duo KIN4LIFE is a force. Together as a group for ten years and friends for over fifteen, Nor and IQ have solidified their family ties and KIN4LIFE has never had a truer meaning. Born and raised in Mt. Vernon, NY, a town known for its contribution to hip hop in the late 80s and early 90s, KIN4LIFE is determined to bring hip hop glory back to their hometown [...]

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Boi Society BoiSociety is a creative group of individuals who identify on the queer spectrum around the world.  The mission of Boi Society is to provide education of our community to develop a more positive relationship within society.  This relationship will not only promote acceptance, respect and tolerance of all individuals regardless of their identity background, it will also raise awareness and support to the individuals who are members of our community. We are the most diverse illustration of a non-confrming lifestyle. We are not here to label.  We honor and represent the entire queer community.   BOOK US FOR YOUR WORKSHOP/PANEL/EVENT Bookings: WE ARE BOI SOCIETY Boi Society is an organization that is [...]

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TOMBOI- Style is Freedom

TOMBOI- A Tomboi Lifestyle Brand STYLEisFREEDOM was created to bring the TOMBOI culture to the forefront of fashion. We want to liberate genderless style and show that clothing is universal to everyone. With timeless designs printed on premium fabrics our garments will always be your favorite. We believe everyone is a TALENTED ORIGINAL MOTIVATED BRILLIANT OUTSTANDNG INDIVIDUAL.  We encourage you to embrace your unique beauty & LIVE FREE with, "STYLE IS FREEDOM!"      

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Siya Signed To Empire Records

Siya Signed To Empire Records HipHopArtistSiya & star of "Sisterhood of Hip Hop" reality show, finally signed to Empire Records. Siya took on to her Instagram page and made the announcement public. Sharing a photo standing along side her manager, "Lulu Torres" & "Ghazi Shami" CEO & Founder of Empire records. Siya's Life and Music Career The music of Lil Kim, Mos Def, The Notorious B.I.G, Big Daddy Kane, and Jay-Z has resonated throughout the airwaves for decades. These artists have been influential to people around the world and are considered to be “Gods” of Hip Hop. Though they have impacted the nation with their lyrical content and extraordinary delivery, no one place has [...]

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LGBT Anti Smoking Ads

Feds Spend $35.7 Million on LGBT Anti Smoking Ads The Food and Drug Administration are enforcing LGBT anti smoking ads. By using young lesbians, drag queens, and transgender individuals in a $36 million advertising campaign to encourage the LGBT community to quit smoking. The government launched the “This Free Life” LGBT anti smoking ads campaign Monday, which encourages young people to “find their own truth” and not smoke cigarettes. “This Free Life is a LGBT anti smoking ads campaign that proudly celebrates the lives of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community,” the campaign’s website states. “We wave our colors high and seek to improve LGBT people’s health by encouraging tobacco-free lifestyles.” “We focus on tobacco [...]

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Alabama City’s New Anti-Transgender Law Is Nation’s Most Terrifying

New Anti-Transgender Law Is Nation's Most Terrifying New Anti-Transgender Law is Nation's most terrifying. The new ordinance imposes a $500 fine and up to six months in jail for trans people caught using the restroom that matches their gender identity. By Sunnivie Brydum Transgender people living in Oxford Transgender people living in Oxford, Alabama now risk a $500 fine and up to six months in jail if they use a public bathroom that matches their gender identity. Responding to Target’s recent announcement that patrons of the big box chain are free to use whatever bathroom best matches their gender identity, the Oxford City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution that makes it a [...]

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Beyonce’s New Album “LEMONADE”

Beyonce's "Lemonade" Video Album Beyoncé has released her long-anticipated sixth album, Lemonade, exclusively on Tidal. The 12-song album, the singer's sixth, arrives right on time with a short film and is a "conceptual project based on every woman's journey of self-knowledge and healing," Tidal said in a statement. Following Tidal's exclusive stream of Lemonade, it is now offering downloads of Beyoncé's new album for $17.99 at their site. According to the New York Times, Apple's iTunes Music Store will also begin carrying Lemonade for purchase starting Sunday at midnight EST. Tidal will remain the venue to stream the album and its visual accompaniment. Beyonce Debuts "LEMONADE" visual album on HBO Saturday's HBO debut of Lemonade, a 58-minute "visual album," wasn't [...]

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UK Issues Travel Warnings

UK Issues Travel Warnings (CNN) The UK issues travel warnings to LGBT travelers. North Carolina and Mississippi's controversial new laws affecting LGBT rights are already threatening to cost the U.S. states millions in lost business and tourism. That situation could be set to worsen after the UK government updated foreign travel advice warning British citizens about risks visiting America's south. The update issued by the UK Foreign Office on its website under the heading of "local laws and customs," highlights potential problems for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LBGT) people. "The U.S. is an extremely diverse society and attitudes towards LGBT people differ hugely across the country," it says. "LGBT travelers may be affected by [...]

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HAUTEBUTCH, Inc HAUTEBUTCH Inc is handsome, masculine fashion & lifestyle brand for every butch, stud, & androgynous straight woman & transman. If you are a tomboy, the way you dress will define your personality to everyone who is looking. That is why it is so important for you to choose the right items when selecting. You must have the following three items in your closet, or your tomboy card will surely be revoked. ABOUT HAUTEBUTCH Specializing in design driven masculine apparel for women and transmen, we are HAUTEBUTCH- a fashion + footwear + lifestyle brand. Our Ready To Wear apparel consists of military inspired jackets, tuxedo and dress shirts, accessories, undies and our very [...]

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