“Shush Me” By Dizzy Blue Koca

Official Interview and Video World Premiere  The Cali female artist, Dizzy Blue Koca has released another banger! Koca has partnered with Senob Addiction for an official interview and  the World Premiere of her new video, "Shush Me".  Aside from the release of Shush Me, Koca has some projects brewing and she recently took the time to interview with Senob Addiction. Filling us in on what the fans have to look forward to as well as, sharing some fun facts.   Senob Talk With KOCA Senob Addiction - Where did you get the name KOCA and what does it stand for? KOCA - Koca!!!! (Killin Off Competition Anywhere.) is a acronym nobody really ask me what is means. [...]

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Move For Me

Ziggy Keeps The Music Coming Don't hesitate to treat yourself and keep up with the latest from Ziggy! Just click play and listen to her new video "Move For Me" below:

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Lady M – Female Hip Hop/Reggaeton Artist

From Her Latin Roots To Her Hip-Hop "Swag" Style Lady M has created the new reputation of Hip-Hop. Miami Bred Marlene Rojas aka Lady M has been the musical Picasso creating her image as the newest Hip Hop/Reggaeton Sensation in the industry. With the collaboration with Local Miami producer "Kuttz" she started creating and mastering her art, Releasing her first Mix-Tape "The Audition". With the release of her first mix-tape she started opening up shows and showcases, showing the world her hip hop/reggae influences. Selling out her first concert at Miami Club "Bohemio". The Audition broke ground allowing her to have guaranteed a new place in this industry as the new Underdog! With the [...]

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Dizzy Blue Koca Music

"Big Mad" Video Dizzy Blue Koca was Born In Duarte, CA. Known in her city and surrounding areas for bringing heat and straight fire. To every track she has produced or has been featured on. With aggressive bars and game changing punch lines. This West Coast artist is here to flood the streets with her creative drip.  Her Music Speaks For Itself Never dropping a debate album or mixtape Dizzy Blue Koca, has captured her audience and fans off singles. Such as, Big Mad, FWM, On Fleek, Shush Me, In God We Trust, Fraud, Pimping and so on. Streaming on all platforms iTunes, Spotify, Tidal etc. leaving it all on the line. Giving 200% [...]

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Young M.A-HerStory In The Making

The Wait For The Album Is Over! Fans have waited 2 years and finally, Young M.A-HerStory In The Making, the album has dropped. M.A sharing details about the new project which released last month on September 27th. That date marking exactly 10 years since her brother tragically lost his life to gun violence. "You’re gonna get the truth,” M.A explains of Herstory In The Making. “You’re gonna get the cocky joints, the slick talk joints where I talk my talk, but then I’m gonna get personal. Real personal. That’s why this album is called Herstory In The Making,’ because it’s about all sides of me.” Zaytoven, Mike Zombie, Amadeus and NY Bangers will lead the [...]

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NEW MUSIC! Karizma “Day by Day”

Female Rapper Karizma "Day by Day" Video Back at it! New music from Karizma "Day by Day" video. The Nashville native was born at Baptist Hospital April,1985. Karizma always has had a love for music and used to freestyle with her cousins. At the age of nine she wrote her first rap. With a love for poetry and the creation process she figured with music that it went hand in hand. The many ways you can express life, emotion, etc. is amazing. In high school, Karizma was in her first rap group in which, she started to gain experience in the studio. After high school Karizma attended and graduated from SAE Institute of Technology on Music Row. Karizma has been [...]

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New Temper No Go Video

The Wait is over! TEMPER No Go Video Temper No Go Video off her, "Dear Ego" (Vision Board) project coming soon. The project will only be available to those who donated towards Temper's first project, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"  coming 2018. Temper is A Rap Icon The one & only, TEMPER    Artist Temper smiling at life. Temper hails from Chicago's Wild Huneds and is the Hottest Female Rapper Alive! She is one of nine children and she has been doing music since age nine. Temper is as real as it gets. She is comfortable in her own skin and not defined by her sexuality, however, any explanations [...]

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FAKE LOVE Remix by Slim Jenkinz

New “Fake Love” Video Female Beast, Slim Jenkinz seems ready to take on the New Year. Staying consistent and dropping yet another awesome video titled, Fake Love. Slim, remixing the original newly released song from artist Drake. Slim puts on a fun, groovy twist to the song with some dope visuals captured by,  ShotByReginald. Female Beast “FAKE LOVE” Video Shoot Watch and Enjoy the “Fake Love” Remix Video and let us know what you think. […]

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SIYA, “I Know I Know” Video

New Video from Siya, "I know I know" Siya is back with her new video titled, "I Know I know." A track you can find on her newly released album, "Siya Vs Siya." Siya has been working hard dropping new songs and visuals and now is ready to give her fans what they have been waiting for. "Siya vs Siya," released 10 December, 2016. Involving collaborations with artist such as, Ashley Rose, Jake & Papa, Lyric Wright and Kreesha Turner. The Sound and Feel "I Know I Know," was produced by, BlickieBlaze. Over the piano-looped production, Siya channels her aggression and delivers a laid back street heater. Flexing on the haters and competition in the process. It’s catchy, conservative melody, and sound [...]

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New Freestyle Video, Young M.A “EAT”

Young M.A "EAT" Blessing us with six minutes of non-stop bars to remind you, why we love rap. Back at it with a new freestyle video, Young M.A "EAT" “I just want to thank my mother,” she raps. “For having me after she had my brother / All that pain and that suffer / She ain’t just have us natural / The doctors had to cut her / C-section, but what a blessing.” Then, the buzzing MC takes on haters who’ve dissed her sexuality. “Goddamn,” she raps. “That just make you look less of a man, fam / To shit on y’all is part of the damn plan.” Plus, she adds a warning about [...]

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Female Beast Slim Jenkinz

 SLIM JENKINZ releases, "LOOK at HER CLAP" Rap artist and songwriter, Slim Jenkinz  has been staying busy with the music. Recently releasing her new video, "Look at Her Clap" featuring, Freddie P. The track is definitely an uptempo, dance, and party song produced by, Aye Double A.      Slim Jenkinz & Producer Aye Double A Slim is a prominent member of the DC Female Rappers movement. Slim got her big break by collaborating with fellow female rapper, Ziggy on the song "Look Back At It." Listen to, "Look at Her Clap" now!

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Surf Rock Musician, Susan Surftone

Getting to Know, Susan Surftone The out artist Susan Surftone, spent her lifetime working with the good old boys!  Susan went from a career working in an government agency - the FBI - that is reputed to be very macho, to another profession known to be heavily male-dominated, namely “surf” music as a guitarist. Yet while the gender ratio wasn’t in her favor, she thrived in both fields. There’s probably not a woman in IT who couldn’t write a book about what it’s like to work in a male-dominated environment. There’s probably not a single one who wouldn’t be inspired by the story of Susan Surftone. Surftone chats with Senob Addiction [...]

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New Jersey Female Rap Artist, 070 SHAKE

Female Rap Artist: 070 SHAKE The latest artist catching the ear's of many is husky-voiced rapper, 070 Shake, a member of rising New Jersey hip-hop collective, 070. Shake, a female rap artist like no other. With her tomboy looks, IDGAF attitude and Justin Bieber-meets-Post Malone sonic appeal. Recent works from Shake range from her uptempo, uber catchy “Parental Advisory” that host a hypnotic hook and tuneful text. To Shake’s more emotional, tug at the heart-string record "PROUD."  Which talks about the pains of growing up un-supported but determined.  Most recent track of Shake’s is, “Sunday Night“ which hones on the mystery that Shake poses. The mono-tone approach meshes with the arcane production of [...]

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Young M.A Female Rap Atist

YOUNG M.A She must not be slept on Brooklyn's own, Young M.A. If you didn't  know now you know.  The hottest female yet & "SHE GOT NEXT"! OOOUUU! Young M.A has one of the hottest records of the Summer. With her latest single, “OOOUUU!” Which has amassed over 6.7 million SoundCloud streams and 5.1 million YouTube plays in two months. M.A is receiving radio support from Hot 97 (NYC), Power 105 (NYC), Shade 45, Hip-Hop Nation, Star 94 (Atlanta), Hot 93.7 (Hartford), Hot 97.5 (Las Vegas), WPGC 95.5 (DC), & more. With the record tearing up the clubs, M.A has gained the support of many industry heavyweights with artists such as Swizz Beatz, Jadakiss, [...]

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Cuban Artist and Choreographer, Lady Cultura

LADY CULTURA Lady Cultura (Gabriella Lemus) was born on the 4th of July 1991.  In Miami, Florida to New York-Cuban parents Eva Tamargo and Michael Lemus. In 1999, 8 year old Cultura and her family moved to Los Angeles where her mother, Eva would persue a major acting career. Raised in the San Fernando Valley, Cultura attened CHAMPS (Charter Highschool of the Arts Multimedia and Performing School) in Van Nuys California.  Where she discovered her love of the arts in every form.  Along with her academic studies, Cultura was also trained, tested, and graded on her artistic abilities.  Including dance, ballet, modern, tap, swing, jazz, African, and theater.  In her sophmore year Cultura became part of the school's [...]

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STAR CAVALLI Tierra Richell Stevenson, born February 26th, 1988.  Is an American artist from Rochester, NY.  Now known as Star Cavalli, previously known as, Star A.K.A. Fresh & Baby- T.  Cavalli is one of those real talents that arise from the inner city Streets.  Very well known for mingling with some of the worlds most famous celebrities, she definitely has the "Star Power". A fresh face on the scene with a creative mind that combines street edge lyrical combat with a slick witty character. Cavalli writes her own material which she has adapted to laying down her lyrics without a pen and a pad.  As well as, helping to destroy the concept that females can't hold it [...]

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Kin4Life- Lesbian Hip Hop Icons

Kin4Life A new day is upon us, and Kin4Life answers to hip hop’s question “what happened to the female rap game”. Blessed with the lyrical prowess to compete with the hottest emcees in the business, and being touted as the female version of The Neptunes, the female duo KIN4LIFE is a force. Together as a group for ten years and friends for over fifteen, Nor and IQ have solidified their family ties and KIN4LIFE has never had a truer meaning. Born and raised in Mt. Vernon, NY, a town known for its contribution to hip hop in the late 80s and early 90s, KIN4LIFE is determined to bring hip hop glory back to their hometown [...]

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Beyonce’s New Album “LEMONADE”

Beyonce's "Lemonade" Video Album Beyoncé has released her long-anticipated sixth album, Lemonade, exclusively on Tidal. The 12-song album, the singer's sixth, arrives right on time with a short film and is a "conceptual project based on every woman's journey of self-knowledge and healing," Tidal said in a statement. Following Tidal's exclusive stream of Lemonade, it is now offering downloads of Beyoncé's new album for $17.99 at their site. According to the New York Times, Apple's iTunes Music Store will also begin carrying Lemonade for purchase starting Sunday at midnight EST. Tidal will remain the venue to stream the album and its visual accompaniment. Beyonce Debuts "LEMONADE" visual album on HBO Saturday's HBO debut of Lemonade, a 58-minute "visual album," wasn't [...]

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Ziggy- “Tell me” Official Music Video

Ziggy Is At It Again! Ziggy is at it again!  Trust me you won't be dissappointed & she has plenty of music to choose from. With a new song titled, "TELL ME" shot, directed, and edited by Chastity Corset.  Whom also shot, directed, & edited Ziggy's videos titled, "PASSENGER", "SEX SONG" & "REPLAY".  Several of her music videos already with millions of views on, YOUTUBE.  Make sure you look out for new music from Ziggy who has a new album COMING SOON!  

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Chicago Female Rap artist, “TEMPER” releases her album “Cocaine Line 2.”

"TEMPER" releases 2nd album titled, "COCAINE Line ll." Cocaine Line 2 is available for purchase everywhere online. Temper never disappoints & she plans to take over the summer. With her new banger titled, "GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN" produced by KERFEW. Temper is also featured in the new hit lesbian web series, "Lipstick the Series." Which  is filmed in L.A. She was actually living in L.A. but recently moved back to her hometown, Chicago. In fact SENOBADDICTION.COM had the pleasure of having her perform for their glow party at, "The Weeknd Hang Suite" in, Nashville. She also had the pleasure of being part of Traxx Girls, Atlanta Pride, New Yorks "City of Doms" & performing in London, [...]

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KeKe Palmer’s – I Don’t Belong To You

KEKE PALMER The talk goes on & on about Keke Palmer's new video and of course you will never guess why?  Scream Queens star KekePalmer has been busy working on her forthcoming album with Island Records.  This week the actress/singer released a new music video for “I Don’t Belong To You.” Featuring Cassie and Power’s Rotimi, it’s a black-and-white clip about presumable love lost. Palmer announced her contract with Island in August.  When her rep confirmed to EW that she had signed with the label and her first single would be out in the fall. The new album will be Palmer’s first since 2007’s, So Uncool. Early Years Of KEKE PALMER Born on August 26, 1993, in [...]

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