Jessica Betts Acoustic Soul

Originally from Chicago, Jessica started singing as a young girl in church and by the age of eighteen, had collaborated directly with Grammy-winners Boyz II Men and subsequently scored appearances on soundtracks for several major motion films including Martin Lawrence’s “Big Mama’s House', Sarah Michelle Gellar’s “Simply Irresistible”, and Ja Rule’s “Turn It Up'. In 2005 Jessica was crowned the winner of the “Road to Stardom” reality television show beating out thousands of contestants and winning the hearts and admiration of judges such as Teena Marie, Dallas Austin, Madonna, Jermaine Dupri and Missy Elliot with her amazing voice before taking a self-induced hiatus from the industry. Jessica is currently back in the studio working [...]

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Chef Q – Mayweathers Knockout Chef

The proud parents of Quiana Shanai Jeffries recognized early on that there was something special about their daughter. She had great awareness, determination and creativity at such a young age, especially when it came to matters in her family kitchen. As a child, Quiana stayed busy in that kitchen! She was always emptying out her mothers Tupperware with great curiosity, wanting to know how food became magically transformed into delectable dishes. Years later, her 'Granny' had a vision and decided to put a spoon in her right hand and a pot in her left and said “OK, lets cook”. 'Granny' then began to teach Quiana all the basics she would need to know that [...]

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Dice is Rolling Out Clothing

Born and bred in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Candice "Dice" Dixon is always full of swagger and a great sense of humor. But as funny as she is, Dice has a serious side as well. An academic at heart, this scholar has always strived for success at the collegiate level. Just as comfortable in a library as she is sitting courtside, Ms. Dixon impressed while attending North Carolina A&T State University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in OSHA. In December 2011, she went on to receive her master's degree in the same subject, graduating summa cum laude with a perfect 4.0. Since then, Dice's loveable personality has made her a popular choice to host [...]

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Kristen Merlin – Overwhelmingly The Voice

It all started with the voice – the voice of a first-grade girl in a blue and white sailor shirt singing her heart out to “Never Never Land” at her elementary school’s rendition of Peter Pan. From that moment on, Kristen Merlin knew the stage would be her home. Merlin continued to perform at every opportunity that came along, and in her junior year of high school she was given the best gift she’d ever received - her first guitar. In a few short months, she was a self-taught guitarist and began writing her own material. After earning her BA in Music and Sound Recording from the University of New Haven in Connecticut, and [...]

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Milan Christopher – Talent Tuesdays

Milan Christopher (pronounced /ˈmul lan/ kris sto fur; born Feb 28, 1984) is an American Music Artist, Actor, Fashion & underwear model, producer and Entrepreneur. Owning a several Teeth whitening Centers Called Beverly Hills White Smile. Milan was Born In Chicago & Later On moved to the west coast to Los Angeles to pursue his Acting & Modeling Career. Being A relative to Motown Music Mogul Berry Gordy via marriage (milans uncle Clifford Jackson married Barry Gords Daughter Sherri Gordy in 2008), he is often called Milan Christopher Gordy. Milan has appeared on Tv screens across the Globe. From Tv shows like Nip Tuck, Friends & Lovers, Red Bull, Chase Bank & Virgin Mobile [...]

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Talent Tuesdays – Who is Laikyra B?

Laikyra B, formerly known as Laikyrabthemodel, is originally from Memphis-Jackson , Tennessee. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Laikyra is a very outgoing , hardworking and a creative model. She has created a strong brand in the industry. Laikyra B is THE urban model

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Talent Tuesdays – Lady M – The Hip Hop/Reggaeton Sensation

From Her Latin Roots To Her Hip-Hop "Swag" Style Lady M has created the new reputation of Hip-Hop. Miami Bred Marlene Rojas aka Lady M has been the musical Picasso creating her image as the newest Hip Hop/Reggaeton Sensation in the industry. With the collaboration with Local Miami producer "Kuttz" she started creating and mastering her art, Releasing her first Mix-Tape "The Audition". With the release of her first mix-tape Lady M started opening up shows and showcases, showing the world her hip hop/reggae influences. Selling out her first concert at Miami Club "Bohemio". The Audition broke ground allowing Lady M to have guaranteed a new place in this industry as the new Underdog! [...]

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Talent Tuesdays – The Rejectz – Impacting and Redirecting our Community!

The Rejectz consist of three beautifully HANDSOME women born & raised in New Jersey. We are more then friends, we are family! We have been best friends for over seven years. When you see one you see us all. All of us are very different. We are our own individuals, but what we have in common is that we are all Ambitious & Creative with Positive vibes where no matter what, we will strive for greatness until we achieve. We recognized all of the negativity from society towards the LGBT Community as well as all of the positive recognition towards our community & needless to say we loved both parts. Reason being negativity shows [...]

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Talent Tuesdays – NY$$E

ABOUT NY$$E NY$$E is an independent female recording artist that resides in Atlanta, GA (originally from Fort Worth, Texas). NY$$E started writing songs when she was 12 years old; inspired by the movie Kazaam and 90's rap duo Kriss Kross. Since finding her inspiration she has been actively involved in creating music and has no plans on stopping anytime soon. NY$$E currently has four projects released; "Flow Sick" Fall 2012, "I Should Be Famous" (I.S.B.F) Summer 2013, "Pariah" Spring 2014 and her debut EP "Hits & Herb" Summer 2014. She has been featured in Fayetteville, NC's biggest independent artist project titled "The Melting Pot 4" and has collaborated with female Rap Artist “Princess” from [...]

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Meet DJ Dimples

A vivacious entrepreneur and female mogul who, since the better half of 2002, has been making her moniker well-known amongst the likes of the entertainment industry elite. Hand picked by the legendary Tony Neal to be a Core DJay, owner of 2 Fly Entertainment and Marketing , and owner of the Queen DJay Cartel, Dimples definitely has her finger on the pulse of the entertainment industry and that’s only when she’s not the reason for it. Aside from numerous industry awards and nominations, including SEA’s Female DJ of the Year three consecutive years, DjDimples has spun a record in over 75 cities across the U.S. including but not limited to: New York, Atlanta, Chicago, [...]

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The Author SKYY

Skyy is a 32-year-old author, screenwriter and playwright from Memphis, TN. Her first novel, “Choices” was released in 2006 and quickly gained popularity both within the gay, lesbian and urban fiction community. The highly anticipated sequel, “Consequences” was released in 2009 with high praises and rocketed to the top 10 lesbian best-sellers lists on and independent bookstores across the country. Since the release of “Choices”, Skyy has been a featured guest on the nationally syndicated radio show, the Micahel Baisden Show. In 2010 Skyy debuted her first sold out stage play entitled “III” (Three), receiving high praise..   Today Skyy has published four full length novels in the Choices series which include “Choices”, [...]

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Model & Musician -ASoReal

Angela SoReal aka ASoReal is a 24 year old recording artist and songwriter working under indie label IMPERVIOUS LIFESTYLE. Born and rasied in a small suburb of Boston, Angela was a loner most of her life. She grew up with a love of art, poetry and music, and was a published poet by the 4th grade. Starting off at the young age of 16 with her journey as a recording artist, ASoReal has evolved over the past 8 years as an artist and now has perfected her craft as a female MC, songwriter and vocalist.   This muli-talented industry professional expertise is not limited only to music. Angela also has experience in the Photography [...]

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Blu of The Bad Girls Club Season 12 – hits THESource

Our favorite reality television CELESBIAN - Blu of Bad Girls Club Season 12 sits down with TheSource magazine and lets us in a little more into her world. Checkout what you may have missed here! Then click here For the full Blu Interview Welcome to Richmond, is this your first time here? Blu: Thank you, yes it is my first time, I wanted to come here…..hold up this is my part.(Referring to KeKe Wyatt singing ‘If only you knew’ on her computer) She don’t get the recognition she deserves. She’s probably one of the best singers since Whitney Houston…she is crazy; however every woman is a little crazy. I feel like she has [...]

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KTL – Generation “WE GOT NEXT” Kill The Lights Entertainment Is an up-incoming independent record label created by Jeseca Spencer. Checkout the rise of Generation "We Got Next."   Jeseca Spencer -" I met Mike(Mike Dino) through my ex girlfriend (that is her little brother). The first time I saw him was with my ex. She and I were coming back to her house, and once we went inside we saw her bother and his friend, KeChon (Y’K), sitting around just freestyling. When I heard them I thought, “Man there is no way they are so young sounding this good.” After they were done I came up to them and asked if they had a mananger, and if they were [...]

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Jim Jones Swag with Tony Montana’s Demeanor

Jimmii Montana Cierra Wilson was born on September 22nd, in Cleveland, OH. She is the 3rd born, first daughter of 9 children. Growing up, her mother worked two jobs to maintain a household and nurture her children alone. Her father, a known street hustler, spent majority of her childhood in and out of the prison systems. At 13, she was introduced to the brutal streets of Cedar Heights along Cedar Avenue Projects. In an effort to avoid distractions and negative influence she would spend her spare time visiting local libraries. Literature and the internet allowed her to explore a world beyond her own. Despite her efforts to evade the lifestyle, she fell into the game herself. There Jimmii [...]

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DJ Mary Mac the 5 Star General


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Ziggy- DMV’s Hometown Hero!

Ziggy The DMV's Hometown Hero! DMV’s star power just became brighter!  Ziggy, a 23 year old Maryland native, is set poised to become the greatest total package talent from the region in a long, long time. As an only child, Ziggy had many artistic interests. Her creative and dynamic energy started her career in the limelight as a manager for some of DC’s hottest local acts and tattoo artists. The Howard Community College student and star basketball player used the same formula to launch her own company called Underground Art by the age of 20. As a known figure on the club scenes from New York to Miami, she has continued to reach a [...]

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TEMPER’s coming to Nashville!

Who's Temper you ask? Well you shouldn't! She's only the hottest Lesbian Underground Artist! With her raspy voice and tomboyish good looks she's got all the Ladies going wild...and your ears too! Don't be mistaken her talent far surpasses her hype! With her androgynous flavor, Temper is kicking down doors and in her words, She's her OWN Steet Team. Wednesday Septmeber 24, Senob Addiction, BuzzBallz, and We Deliver Ent. will be bringing Temper to WKNDNashville. 1703 Church St. Nashville, TN. Epic would be an understatement for what this night will be! Purchase your advance tickets HERE for $10 or $15 at the door! Checkout one of TEMPERS many Videos and Be sure to cop her latest [...]

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Elle Varner – Cold Case – NEW MUSIC

Elle Varner does it again! Let me be the first to say that I am an Elle Varner fan, and I've been waiting to hear more from her! So when I was a Nashville's Local club, "VIBE", and heard a talented Drag Queen perform to this song I was instantly hypnotized. We were all scrambling for our phones trying to find the latest app that could tell us who sung this song and thanks to some lyrics and I was able to find it! When I saw it was Elle Varner's Track I was instantly upset with her management! This song needs to be on the radio immediately! What's going on Elle Varner? [...]

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Karizma Interview & Hot Nigga FreeStyle Video

Nashville's Local Artist, "Karizma", lets everyone in on her life as an artist and musical inspiration. Check out her interview and Freestyle Video Here! Be sure to come out to Senob Addiction "Ladies Night" 9/24/14 where Karizma will be performing live @WKNDNashville

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