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The Same Difference trailer has been realeased!!!

The Same Difference trailer has been realeased!!! See the world premier at the "Roxie Theatre" in San Francisco June 23rd 7p.m. before it hits the air.

Love of the Hustle – Most talked about new web series!

CREATORS MAXINE JOSEPH AND RIQUEAL CULMER BRINGS YOU LOVE OF THE HUSTLE "Love of the Hustle" Miami the city that meets more to the eye than warm beaches and beautiful tropical weather, "Love of the hustle" takes you to the other side of the gritty streets of pimp, hoes,and hustlers. Oh and did i forget to mention the underground community of urban lesbianism. Set in Miami "Love of the hustle" follows characters like Katrina "The Queen Bee" the oldest of the group this mix breed long haired beauty whose "get it at any cost" mentality comes from the early childhood setbacks of sexualy abuse, drugs,and money. Have had concieved her 1st child at the young [...]

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