Celebrate The Dirty 30 In Palm Springs


Dinah Shore Pride


Welcome to Dinah Shore Pride, the largest most famous all girl event and music festival in the world. Celebrate, unite, empower and live out loud.  Ladies I hope you are ready because this year Dinah Sore Pride turns thirty. A quarter-century ago, Mariah Hanson did more than just kick-start Dinah Shore. She also and most importantly launched what would become her enduring legacy to both the city of Palm Springs and the LGBT community. From a small, one-night event at a Palm Springs museum with 1,500 participants, 30 years ago, to booking lavish locations at deluxe hotels over five days.

Palm Springs Is Always A good Idea

Epic pool parties and world-class entertainment with some 15,000-plus attendees and major corporate sponsors. Club Skirts Dinah Shore Pride Weekend has evolved into one of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley’s largest tourism boosters and undisputed biggest lesbian event of its kind in the world. The natural symbiosis shared by these two iconic LGBT Mecca has continuously been a match made in heaven. More than a tradition The Dinah Shore Weekend has over these past 30 years (and counting) become a Palm Springs institution and one of the city’s most popular spring attractions.

Dinah Shore Pride

Meet Dinah Shore Founder Mariah Hanson

Mariah Hanson, under her Club Skirts Marquis, created the world famous Dinah Shore Weekend in 1991. The original founder of The Dinah, Mariah originally produced The Dinah at the world-renowned Palm Springs Modern Art Museum. Mariah’s first Dinah was sold out, packing every room of the museum, where partygoers drank martini’s while surrounded by tens of millions of dollars worth of art. Mariah also booked entire hotels so that they were 100% lesbian occupied, brought in national sponsors, popular national recording artists, and kept all events in walking distance. The simple but daring concept, of creating a lesbian world within the city, catapulted the Dinah to international fame. Today, The Dinah is considered the largest lesbian event in the world.