Dizzy Blue Koca

“Big Mad” Video

Dizzy Blue Koca was Born In Duarte, CA. Known in her city and surrounding areas for bringing heat and straight fire. To every track she has produced or has been featured on. With aggressive bars and game changing punch lines. This West Coast artist is here to flood the streets with her creative drip. 

Her Music Speaks For Itself

Never dropping a debate album or mixtape Dizzy Blue Koca, has captured her audience and fans off singles. Such as, Big Mad, FWM, On Fleek, Shush Me, In God We Trust, Fraud, Pimping and so on. Streaming on all platforms iTunes, Spotify, Tidal etc. leaving it all on the line. Giving 200% at venues in different states from Texas, Vegas, Miami and California.

The Road To Success

Dizzy Blue Koca is on a mission to be heard by the world and is working religiously around the clock. To get the exposure and opportunity needed to further her independent recording artist career. Be sure to support her music. Watch her latest video titled “Big Mad” by clicking below.