Pioneer of Queer Fashion, Fallon Davis  

 Fallon Davis is a Pioneer of Queer Fashion, a leader by distinct nature, a visionary, a philanthropist, a true REBEL with a cause, a serial entrepreneur, a mentor, and a true activist for change. Her goal is to inspire minds and shake souls. The path to success is infinite, hence she struts an altogether different walk to forever leave footprints on the hearts of her followers.

As a pioneer of the first masculine of center fashion shows, her role as curator of creative events was cemented at LIM College in New York City, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude majoring in Marketing, with an emphasis on event production and the fashion industry. During her time in college she birthed The F-L-Y Society Entertainment, a lifestyle brand specializing in all aspects of marketing, events, and new talent management. A few of the company’s highlighted creations include: What is Butch (Now: This Is Butch), Seduce The Mic, Muz Art, and the 2015 release of the Eklectic Klash album. For the last four years she has while building her legacy been working in visual merchandising, special events, experiential marketing, and managing all aspects of the event/marketing industry. Fallon Davis also been devoted to volunteering her time on the national diversity council as the Communications Chair, the Vice-President of the PTA at different schools, being a soccer coach for 8-10-year-old boys.


Fallon Davis

Queer Fashion week is a fashion show dedicated to those of the LGBTQ

Fallon Davis

The F-L-Y Society

Immediately following the genesis Fallon Davis introduces, The F-L-Y Society Entertainment, a new movement transformed. Taking a bold step and a leap of faith she shocked the world with her next creation. The “What is BUTCH” Movement created in 2012 endeavors to bring awareness to a marginalized minority which through her influence has brought light to a dark corner of mainstream’s fashion closet. From this came the birth of Queer Fashion Week which she Co-Founded in 2015. With over seven years of industry experience, Queer Fashion Week is another groundbreaking adventure. As the Fashion Director and Event Producer for the second year she was dedicated to creating a memorable experience for every guest who attended, build and embrace the confidence of every model and designer, and utilize the amazing skills and talents of every staff member on her team. Her motto is to broaden the industry with fresh new ideas. She seeks to promote and support new talent and to do more than just be quiet, but to make noise in the world.

Hard Work and Dedication

Not just stopping there, she has always wanted to change society in many ways especially incorporating the youth, one of her deep loves. Community outreach for her began early on and lives within her every day. She strongly believes we need to elevate our youth to create change for the future. Currently, she is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Education from Concordia Online University majoring in Curriculum and Instruction with a dual-focus on Equality, Equity, and Justice and STEAM. With this degree, she wants to make a difference in the lives of students from different cultures, backgrounds, neighborhoods, life situations, sexual preferences, and disabilities. Her goal is to be a part of the change, working towards inclusive classrooms and teaching students, teachers, and faculty how to include and embrace diversity on an everyday basis. Holding schools accountable is the start to the change we need to make a well-rounded cultural inclusive society at large.


Most recently, she dissolved The F-L-Y Society Entertainment to focus on merging all of her talents and projects together. Starting a new chapter in life and creating a fresh face on her personal and business brand she has co-founded R3B3L M3DIA. R3B3L M3DIA encompasses everything she believes in as an artist, entrepreneur, and activist. R3B3L M3DIA is full service creative media company where she holds the title of Chief Operations Officer and Brand Manager. Their motto is “Getting Back to the Roots of TRUE Artistry without judgement!” 2017 is on their horizons with the launch of several brands and projects: BlendsNYC (Mobile Puerto Rican Infusion Catering Company), Butch Academy (Redefining Masculinity in the Queer Community), ALTERNATiiVE Fashion Wear (A gender non-conforming revolutionary clothing brand and lifestyle movement), and their first exclusive event ALTERNATiiVE Fashion Week-End.