Walk With “Boss Britt”

Brittany Hodge, has been an entrepreneur since the age of 16 years old. Boss Britt, began as a promoter for a group who hosted some of the most successful teen parties. In the years 2009 and 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She then ventured off to the music business after being introduced to local talent. She founded her own record label, “Inkredible Records LLC,” in 2011. Where she dedicated all of her efforts. In 2014, she decided she wanted to give back to her LGBT community.  When noticing that there were little to no activities for the community in her hometown. Britt founded her own LGBT organization named, Cincy LGBT Productions.

Her new organization rapidly grew to become extremely successful. With the help of her team, which were a group of promoters, and also friends of hers. She threw her first event under the organization in July of 2014. Drawing in a crowd of nearly 700 people. She hadn’t thrown an event in over 3 years so, this was a big deal for Boss Britt! She continued to have the events monthly where she attracted a consistent crowd and had overall great events!

At the Cincy LGBT events Boss Britt, would always grab the mic to interact with the crowd. She figured if she was going to be on the mic, she would have to learn how to speak properly so that her voice would sound official. She then followed some advice of her brother, S. Dot. Then eventually became very attractive on the mic to where she decided to start also branding herself as a host/mc. She landed her first booking as a host/mc in June, of 2015 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She then went on to host college events in Cincinnati, Ohio. As well as, LGBT Pride events in Cleveland, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana. She really took pride in trying to become one of the best hostMCMC/mcs!




Entrepreneur, party planner, & host.

Expanding Her Talents

In January of 2016, Boss Britt decided to expand her talents to Atlanta, Georgia. Her plan was to brand herself as a host/mc in order to build a following. So that she could also begin to have her own events in Atlanta for the LGBT community as well. Atlanta accepted Boss Britt quickly! She landed her first booking in January with, “We Dem Boiz Ent” at Club Rain. Only after a few weeks of being in Atlanta. Once the promoters saw Boss Britt in action, they went on to make her one of their official host for their events every Friday. She networked at the events and other promoters began booking her as well.

Since being in Atlanta, Boss Britt has hosted at some of the most known clubs in Atlanta. Such as, Phase One, Phase 2, The Otherside Afterhours, Kapture, Sutra Lounge, and Suede lounge. She also has been able to link with DJ Exel, who was featured on VH1’s Master of Mix. The two teamed up as a duo and have also been booked in Atlanta as well as, South Carolina. Their energy together has made them one of the hottest duos. Boss Britt, also connected with three other promoters where they created a team and had their first event in July, of 2016. The event was a success! Thus they decided to remain a team and now they have a monthly event, Second Saturdays, in Atlanta, targeting the LGBTQ community.

Success, New Business, and The Next Big Move

While having much success and new business in Atlanta, Boss Britt still manages to also still throw and host events back in her hometown. One of Boss Britt’s number one goals while being in Atlanta, was to host for Atlanta Pride 2016. Which she was able to achieve thanks to We Dem Boiz who booked her at Club Rain with Teyana Taylor and Big Freedia. Also, thanks to Traxx Girls who booked her for an event at The Soul Bar.

Boss Britt’s next move is to become one of the top hosts/M.C.s in the nation! She wants to continue throwing huge Pride events in Cincinnati, Ohio. However, also wants to eventually have her own events during Atlanta Pride as well. In the long run, her number #1 goal is to open a LGBT club and to also have nonprofit events. Such as, counseling sessions where an atmosphere is created for those of the LGBTQ community. To feel comfortable speaking with someone about various issues that they may be having. Overall, she plans to be a top activist for the LGBT community. In the meantime, if you want your event lit, make sure you book Boss Britt!