HAUTEBUTCH Inc is handsome, masculine fashion & lifestyle brand for every butch, stud, & androgynous straight woman & transman. If you are a tomboy, the way you dress will define your personality to everyone who is looking. That is why it is so important for you to choose the right items when selecting. You must have the following three items in your closet, or your tomboy card will surely be revoked.


Specializing in design driven masculine apparel for women and transmen, we are HAUTEBUTCH- a fashion + footwear + lifestyle brand. Our Ready To Wear apparel consists of military inspired jackets, tuxedo and dress shirts, accessories, undies and our very own capsule collection of footwear.Looking ahead, our short term goals are to add blazers, vests and slacks that remain true to the edgy HAUTEBUTCH aesthetic that makes us unique. We hope that butch, androgynous and trans* style seekers can consider this label a “go to destination” for all things fashion and fierce.

As a designer of “menswear for women”- having a unique style of my very own, I’ve known the oppression of feeling invisible and the impact of that on my self esteem. Global fashion brands have ignored me/us for years – our style aesthetic challenges the “norm” and it hasn’t been important enough to them. It is important to our team and so is the customer experience.
At the helm is KMichelle (aka Karen),Founder, Designer and CEO of the company.
A U.S. Navy Veteran and entrepreneur, Karen sits on the SRJC Advisory Board for the Fashion Studies Program. She has contributed countless hours to what was the Sonoma County WAR, TAPP AND CAPP programs and volunteer security for local “Take Back The Night” rallies.

Each day we’re inspired to build a great company because of these struggles- we strive to change minds and hearts to realize that fierce is the person wearing the apparel.

Karen is MomK to her awesome niece and nephew, Nonna to her beautiful grandson and wife to her amazing wife.We endeavor to create a new standard in fashion…..and we hope you’ll Join Us



You must have a good tie. No, it doesn’t have to be a stuffy one that looks like it belongs to some old granddad. There are great ties out there that have modern styles, so go crazy and pic a few that fit who you are.

Jeans are certainly a staple to tomboys out there, so if you don’t have any you need to go and get some. It is important that you get some that fit well and can be worn with a shoe if you are going for a dressed up look, or a sneaker if you prefer to dress down.

Lastly, you must have a hat or two. These are not just for rainy days & you can never go wrong with an awesome hat to compliment your outfit. You can wear them to accessorize and show the world that you are the boss of all the tomboys. Grab a few and have fun with it.

Denims, tshirts and hoodies are definitely staples to tomboys out there, so if you do not have any you have to go and get some. It is very important that you get some that will fit just they way you like to wear them. WWW.HAUTEBUTCH.COM


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