Japans first openly acknowledged same sex couple

//Japans first openly acknowledged same sex couple

Japans first openly acknowledged same sex couple


would like to congratulate the first same sex couple to be acknowledged in Japan.

On Thursday morning Koyuki Higashi, 30, and Hiroko Masuhara, 37, were married in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward. Another day to gladly mark in history for the LGBT community & kudos to these two CELESBIANS for such bravery.

Shibuya’s legislators voted in March to grant marriage certificates to LGBT couples, making the ward the first in Japan to recognize same-sex unions. Setagaya, another of Tokyo’s 23 wards, voted to do the same a few months later.

Across Asia, LGBT rights are limited — or in many cases, non-existent. In Southeast Asia, for instance, being gay is criminalized in several countries.

This is motivation & reason to never be ashamed of who you are. Everyday we as the LGBT community continue to take huge strides. Senob Addiction could not be any prouder & we challenge each & everyone of you to love yourself first.

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