The King Bodies revolution of fitness was created to motivate, empower, and build bad ass minds, bodies, and souls, one rep at a time. Welcome to the revolution!

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Online Personal Training: Thanks for your interest in training with King Bodies! With personal training you have a 80% better chance of reaching your goals versus working towards them independently. There’s very little room for slacking since you will be on a tight, closely monitored schedule. Your dietary and exercise needs will be met with customized plans, geared towards your personal goals. They’ll also be Weekly weight tracking, along with monthly measurements to see progress in inches in addition to pounds. Worried about location? Doesn’t matter! Sessions are done online via skype and can be done in the privacy of your home, the gym, or even in the work place if accessible. No excuses…Just results! 

King Bodies

Monthly Online Fitness Challenges: 14, 21, and 30 day fitness program. Lose weight with basic, yet effective meal plan and workout plan that is easy to follow. No gym or equipment necessary to start!

Custom Workout Plans & Meal Plans: Are you self motivated, looking to train independently, and need a little assistance in the kitchen and the gym? Then a custom workout plan and meal plan may be a better option for you. Both plans are specifically geared towards your goals. The meal plan is done in a macro format (Carbs, protein, & fats) to ensure you get a balanced diet, while the workout plan is challenging enough for your individualized fitness level.

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1 on 1 Skype Advice on nutrition & fitness: Always wondering how to get started on your fitness journey? Or have you started but keep hitting a plateau? Then get your pen and paper ready to take in all of the fitness advice Kellz has to offer. Whether your looking to get on track with fitness or reroute your journey, Kellz has the answers!