Kill The Lights Entertainment

Is an up-incoming independent record label created by Jeseca Spencer. Checkout the rise of Generation “We Got Next.”


KTL Ent Senob Addiction
Jeseca Spencer -” I met Mike(Mike Dino) through my ex girlfriend (that is her little brother). The first time I saw him was with my ex. She and I were coming back to her house, and once we went inside we saw her bother and his friend, KeChon (Y’K), sitting around just freestyling. When I heard them I thought, “Man there is no way they are so young sounding this good.” After they were done I came up to them and asked if they had a mananger, and if they were serious about taking on this career. They both said yes, since then I have been working with them, growing with them.

I started working with them because they were young. Both of them were freshman in high school when I first met them (they are juniors in high school now), so I figured it would be great to start off with a young group. I though this because I knew not only could I grow with them physically, I could also grow with them musically. I knew that no one else would work with them because they were so young at the time and I wanted to scoop them up before anyone else did. And I also did not want to work with anyone older.

I see them doing big things. I see them being independent, but of course they would be working up under my label (Kill the Lights Ent.). If you notice now a days many big artist are not signed to big labels. Most of them are independent artist. I can see Kill the Lights Ent, becoming big if  we (my team and I) stay positive and not give up on our passion.

KTL Artist

Kechon Freeman- ( Y’K)

KTL Ent Senob AddictionMy manager Jeseca got me into rapping again after our Kill the Lights group broke up. She hit me up about a about a while later and asked did we want to get back into raping as solo artist and I said I was wit it, So here I am. The only person I look up to in music is Starlito because he is the only person in my city (Nashville) that I seen actually come up and make it out of Nashville. Where do I see myself in 5 years? I honestly think I’ll be selling out shows and touring everywhere.

Michael Robertson-  (Mike Dino)

KTL Ent Senob AddictionI got into music when I was in 4th grade cause it was just something to do. I really started rap by free styling because that’s what we use to do when we were bored. I was basically influenced on myself but then artist like Meek Mill, Kendrick Lamar, p. Rico and lil Jay came so I was like Yhea its my time to shine.. and that’s whats happening as we speak.