“Love of the Hustle”

unnamedMiami the city that meets more to the eye than warm beaches and beautiful tropical weather, “Love of the hustle” takes you to the other side of the gritty streets of pimp, hoes,and hustlers. Oh and did i forget to mention the underground community of urban lesbianism.

Set in Miami “Love of the hustle” follows characters like Katrina “The Queen Bee” the oldest of the group this mix breed long haired beauty whose “get it at any cost” mentality comes from the early childhood setbacks of sexualy abuse, drugs,and money. Have had concieved her 1st child at the young age of 15. This jack of all trades often stirs up un-welcomed trouble, creating OMG moments you’ll crave for more.

Maxine better known as “Max” the cocky but yet charming carmel skin stud is more than meets the eye. This photographer is what you would call night life royalty, with a weakness for beautiful women. which makes her hard to pin down. As this libra searches for balance in her career and common ground in her tolorence for the girls. This work a holic stops at nothing to get to the stop while determine to make it in a male dominating industry.

Kels shortest and youngest of the group, cute yet cuddly stud is what you call “The Promoter ” whose need to find purpose in life negates her desire to dedicate herself to her long term lover or her career. Will she learn how to deal her emotional stuggles with mixing personal thoughts with business.will she realize that the only thing thats stoping her hustle is her, or will her selfish ways over shadow her gift of gab from reaching her maximum potentail.

Tutu “Queen of the Freakshow” a stripper with the body of a god and eyes that will leave you hypnotize for days. this madam is trying to expand her empire and prove brain over beauty. Ex lover of Tutu Niko the curly haired tatted up indian has quite a bit of past. The injured former basketball star whose trying to rediscover herself while battling her private demons. Her love for strippers is quite an addiction aswell as her love for alcohal will she ever learn to deal with her past fill with let downs and pain. Long time foe of kels is Crystal “Ceeweezy” the fiery hot head of the crew whose hilarious antics & argumentative ways creates a host of drama mixed with comedy.. . “Love of the hustle” will captivate audiences everywhere and lure them into the mysterious community of sex, lies, decite & the hustle. While simultaneously immersing you into the underground world of the urban lesbian party scene… A place where no one has gone before.



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