LGBTQ Queer Fashion Week & conference

In November of 2014, Miz Chris of fiveTEN Oakland Events called Fallon Davis of the What is Butch Movement. With an idea and that idea became Queer Fashion Week. Utilizing the success of both entities in the event and fashion industry the merger was a perfect idea. The success of year 1 (April 2015) has allowed us to expand our vision creating Queer Fashion Week & Conference to encompass all the attributes of the fashion, glam, modeling, and political stand points of the Queer Community. Along with that change the founder of The What is Butch? Movement expanded her visions and housed her brands under one umbrella, creating an innovative media and marketing agency, R3B3L M3DIA.
We began the 2016 year with a fantastic merger, fiveTEN Oakland Events and R3B3L M3DIA now produce this spectacular event together adding more creativity, industry expertise, visionary concepts, and revolutionary ideas to QFW.

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We All Are Better Together

Queer Fashion Week & Conference is built on the idea that we are all better together. You will see this theme reflected in every event during the week and we encourage you to attend as many events as you are able. QFW & Conference is about diversity and the expression of individuality which is the cornerstone of fashion and the fashion industry. As Queer individuals and creative human beings it is time for us to shine in all our queer diversity. Let the fashion weeks around the world be the footprint and the rainbow be the expression of what makes us unique and different. We are ready to showcase and embrace the systematically overlooked and unite us all in one space!! Let’s RIP the Runway!!
You will see designers that have been in the biz for years as well as some that are just starting out. You will see models who have walked the New York runways during fashion week and models where this will be the first time strutting the catwalk. You will hear from experts in the field, be able to attend workshops, grab some unique items in our vendor village, be amazed by the hair and makeup creations, and enjoy a diverse atmosphere of positive and like minded individuals. The idea is to make a space where seasoned and new designers, models, stylists, entertainers, artists, brands, and community organizations can showcase together, network with each other and share with each of you their creativity.
We chose Oakland as the backdrop for this historic event because Oakland is fashion forward, a hub for artists and an incubator for both new and established musicians. Oakland and the East Bay are beautiful places with a diverse community which is reflective of the diversity of Queer Fashion Week. We hope you will fall in love with Oakland.