Official Interview and Video World Premiere Shush Me

The Cali female artist, Dizzy Blue Koca has released another banger! Koca has partnered with Senob Addiction for an official interview and  the World Premiere of her new video, “Shush Me”.  Aside from the release of Shush Me, Koca has some projects brewing and she recently took the time to interview with Senob Addiction. Filling us in on what the fans have to look forward to as well as, sharing some fun facts.


Senob Talk With KOCAShush Me

Senob Addiction – Where did you get the name KOCA and what does it stand for?
KOCA – Koca!!!! (Killin Off Competition Anywhere.) is a acronym nobody really ask me what is means.
Senob Addiction – When did you write your first rhyme/how old were you when you began to tap in on your craft?
KOCA – My first song was (Im a Lil Rydah) that me and my cousins made when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I started taking music serious in high school, me and the homies (buddie and J will aka YG) use to pay another artist (Guddah) weed to record.
Senob Addiction –  If you can choose any artist to do a collaboration with who would it be? They can be signed, unsigned or both?
KOCA – E40 hands down, I love the bay and they sound.
Senob Addiction –  What can we expect from KOCA in the future and what projects are you currently working on that the fans should be looking out for?
KOCA – More bangers!!! More fire videos, right now I’m working on expanding with these singles I’m dropping. As far as albums go coming soon!!! Working on something great.
Senob Addiction –  Do you believe in/have a mentor? If you could give a positive message to other up coming artist what would it be?
KOCA – I believe mentors are very important, because the right one can prevent you from making mistakes that you can avoid, even though I don’t have one. As for a positive message, never ever give up on your dream and what you believe in stewpiid.
Senob Addiction – You’re a rapper so, others would automatically assume that you love rap music. However, is rap your favorite genre of music?
KOCA –  Besides Hip Hop my favorite music is R&B, all facts I grew up off MoTown soooo yeah.
Senob Addiction –  Where do you see yourself as an artist in 5 year’s?
KOCA – On my shit!!! but in details touring and my streams all the way up.
The Official “Shush Me” video world premiere on Senob Addiction and you can enjoy watching it now by clicking play below.