Getting to Know, Susan Surftone

The out artist Susan Surftone, spent her lifetime working with the good old boys!  Susan went from a career working in an government agency – the FBI – that is reputed to be very macho, to another profession known to be heavily male-dominated, namely “surf” music as a guitarist. Yet while the gender ratio wasn’t in her favor, she thrived in both fields. There’s probably not a woman in IT who couldn’t write a book about what it’s like to work in a male-dominated environment. There’s probably not a single one who wouldn’t be inspired by the story of Susan Surftone.

  • Surftone chats with Senob Addiction

     Susan, congratulation’s on all of your achievements. Senob Addiction appreciates the privilege of having the opportunity to interview you. We have some question’s that we would like to ask to get better acquainted with, Susan Surftone.
    S.A. – Most know Susan the musician however, you were also a former FBI agent. Do you miss throwing on the uniform? 
    Susan – No. The “uniform” was business attire and I do not like wearing business attire. I was glad to get the training and have the experience but the FBI was not a place where I could stay and be happy.
    S.A. –  Why was the FBI so against approving & supporting you as a musician?
    Susan – The higher-ups at the Bureau thought there were “bad elements” in clubs like CBGB and I, as an agent, could be compromised if I played there as a musician. I think we found out recently there are “bad elements” in the FBI.
    S.A. – What or who did you find to motivate & push you forward with your craft?
    Susan – I think most of it was internal.  I identified with Elvis Presley and The Beatles when I was a kid in ways that became more apparent to me as I got older. I was good at playing the guitar from the very beginning and I was encouraged by my teacher and people who heard me play. As a quiet kid, it was the place where I found approval.
    S.A. – What 3 words best describe you as a person?
    Susan – Survivor, Intelligent, Kind
    S.A. – What can we expect from the new EP titled, “The Magician”?
    Susan – I am finally, after decades as a non-singing guitarist, a vocalist. It was “now or never” and I chose “now”. Three songs on the EP have vocals and three are instrumentals.
    S.A. – What is your favorite song from the EP?
    Susan – I have two, both with vocals. “Little Bit Lied To” is an original and it is the first vocal song I recorded. I also did a video for that song. “Blue Moon Of Kentucky” is my other favorite. It’s the second song Elvis recorded from his very early days. I played everything on my version so it is kind of special to me.
    S.A. – What is next from Susan Surftone? Any events, new opportunities, or  perhaps even an album in the works?
    Susan – An east coast tour in 2017 and a live recording to be done in LA. The working title, and I will most likely keep it is, “Making Waves Again”. I’ll also do studio recordings of two or three of the vocal songs. I am going to do more political writing because there is now a lot to write about. My friend said “John Lennon never would have allowed this to happen”. I agree and feel it is incumbent on me to continue to speak out.
    S.A. – There aren’t many catering to the genre of, “Surf Rock.” Especially not any women, to say the least. If given the opportunity in Surf Rock or any other genre of music. What musician would you love to work with?
    Susan – Deborah Harry. I keep saying this so, Deborah…I mean it…let’s talk.
    S.A. –  As a leader & strong advocate of the LGBTQ community. What advice would you have for other talented musicians in the community?
    Susan – Get out there and do it. Listen to helpful supportive criticism and learn from it. Don’t let the bullies stop you. Ignore them, practice and keep getting better. That shuts them up.

    Keeping Up With Surftone

    For all of you Surftone fans out there. Stay up to date with her latest music, shows, and future projects by visiting her website, Be sure to follow her twitter page: @SusanSurfTone. Enjoy watching her favorite video below titled, “Little Bit Lied To” from the Ep, “The Magician”.