Talent Tuesdays – Lady M – The Hip Hop/Reggaeton Sensation

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Talent Tuesdays – Lady M – The Hip Hop/Reggaeton Sensation

From Her Latin Roots To Her Hip-Hop “Swag” Style Lady M has created the new reputation of Hip-Hop. Miami Bred Marlene Rojas aka Lady M has been the musical Picasso creating her image as the newest Hip Hop/Reggaeton Sensation in the industry.

With the collaboration with Local Miami producer “Kuttz” she started creating and mastering her art, Releasing her first Mix-Tape “The Audition”. With the release of her first mix-tape Lady M started opening up shows and showcases, showing the world her hip hop/reggae influences. Selling out her first concert at Miami Club “Bohemio”. The Audition broke ground allowing Lady M to have guaranteed a new place in this industry as the new Underdog!

With the era of “The Audition” Lady M started growing up with new musical flows. As she started working with new musical elements and re-inventing herself for the new era for her new mix-tape “Showtime.”This showcased Lady M in a new light and introduced her versatility in both latin and hip-hop genres.

Next, Lady M started collaborating with producer Alex “Primo” Bustillo as she started working on her next mixtape “Center Stage.”Center stage allowed Lady M to grow and experiment with a more mature sound with records like “Come On and See” and Her Remix to Girls (Who Run The World). Lady M started opening up for local artists as well started showcasing a more emancipated approach on stage. This gave Lady M a newer venture showcasing her talents at NYC Pride in 2011, allowing her win the Award for Best Performance for that current year.

“Center Stage” success allowed Lady M to start working even more with Primo to bring all her talents to an EP titled “Sigueme.” In 2012 Lady M opened for Pitbull, Tony Dize, Sentato and more. She also appeared in TV Shows like Accesso Total and GenTV promoting her single “Sigueme” to a world-wide audience.

Currently Lady M is currently working with Evo Ent. on her next mixtape “Small Town Girl” set to release this fall and her first LP “The RollerCoaster,” release date TBD.

With her innovative songwriting, versatile concepts, and hypnotic melodies, Lady M is truly a diamond in the rough in the music industry.

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