TOMBOYx is on a mission to empower women–from the clothes women choose to wear, to the causes they support and the amazing things they accomplish. We believe that there is a little Tomboy in every woman.  Our products are a means of embracing that truth.  Honoring that spirit; providing clothing that helps women feel comfortable in their own skin.



The clothing industry is fueled by women, from customers to factory workers. The drive to move styles quickly from the runway at Fashion Week. To mass production for consumers, means that factories and their workers are pushed to do more, and do it faster and cheaper. This destructive cycle is known as “fast fashion”.  If left unattended can result in bad working conditions and low pay. At TomboyX, we buy into our own model. We are pro-women, and we choose to work with facilities that participate in a more supportive system.  That includes fair working wages and a safe environment for workers. It all comes down to relationships  and knowing the people you choose to work with. For this reason, our factories are selected from around the world for their quality of work and working conditions.  Supporting a living wage for men and women globally. We work with factories in the US, Canada, and China, and all have been vetted to meet our high standards.

TOMBOYx clothing accessories and underwear for women.



We celebrate diversity, individuality, and humanity.  We carefully select products that are in line with our values. Our product line consists of a combination of items that are designed in-house.  As well as, curated items that are hand-selected from small artists and companies with a mission for good. Our product line is designed to fit all shapes and sizes, with products running from XS to 4X.

It all started with a Kickstarter campaign, a button-up shirt and a dream.

TOMBOYx clothing accessories and underwear for women