The Official Pride of the Memphis

Tri-State Area

The Center For Black Equity (CBE) has recognized TriState Black Pride as the official Black Pride for Memphis, TN. This recognition is based on three factors: Capacity, Community Support and, Commitment to the CBE’s mission and values. After an extensive four-month review, which included an interview with The Cathedral Foundation and discussions with members of the Memphis Black LGBTQ community, the CBE is convinced that, “The Cathedral Foundation” will set a high standard for an inclusive, well executed Black Pride event for the Memphis, TN metropolitan area. Tri State pride kicks off  Thursday, June 18th 2020 and the fun doesn’t end until Sunday, June 21st.

Tristate Black Pride

TSB Pride’s Mission

Tri-State Black Pride’s mission showcases unity and pride by promoting equality/inclusion, human rights, education, outreach, arts, and culture of the Memphis and Mid-South’s LGBTQ community and allies.

The Cathedral Foundation Inc. Is a charitable resource organization that supports education, health, culture and social services.  The organization’s goal is to ensure that individuals of all backgrounds have the opportunity to build healthy productive and inspiring lives.

Tristate Black Pride EVENTS (TBA)

Tristate Black Pride


June 18th, 2020


June 19th, 2020


June 20th, 2020


June 21st, 2020

Free to attend

Watch the Official Tristate Black Pride Promo video here, ENJOY!