TUV Magazine: It’s more than a magazine–It’s A Synergized Movement!

TUV Magazine is comprised of a unique blend of thought leaders who in their own perspective field are leaders.  However, collectively they joined forces and created an evolution for the #IAMUnleashed Movement! Join the Movement because TUV Magazine is more than just a Magazine. TUV Magazine is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Davin Clemons and Gwendolyn D. Clemons in 2014.  The mission of Unleashed fighting inequality through comprehensive empowerment programs for the LGBT Community.

TUV Magazine

Publisher/ Editor-In-Chief, Gwen D. Clemons


The Unleashed Voice Magazine does it again! TUV Magazines explores the deep rooted draconian perception of gender identity. The Redefining Issue is all about providing in-depth discussion on moving the margins on gender identity.

Moving the margins allow for more freedom of expression without judgment by removing control mechanism that refute individualism.

TUV believes that society teachings are responsible for creating fear through conformity. This social pressure is necessary in order to make others feel comfortable and reinforce the perception of social norms. But at some point, we must all choose to live the life we love and love the life we live.

How long can we as people conceal who we are? How long can we all go without living our truths? There must come a time when LGBTQ individuals say, I am who I am despite of your refusal to acknowledge my existence.

The moment of self validation and knowing your worth is now.  Instead of waiting on others to label and define us. We must take ownership of our identify and stake a claim in the world.

Inside this issue Author/Activist T. J. Wolfe provides an exclusive feature about what inspired her book Unwanted Heart. Wolfe guides the reader on how to bring greater awareness to masculine and androgynous females in the LGBTQ Community.

Watch The The Unleashed Voice Radio Show here. Thank you in advance and enjoy.