What is XODOHTRONU?  We’re so glad you askedXODOHTRONUclothing is a real life and Second Life brand which focuses on an unorthodox style of living. It supports and promotes inspiration, positivity, uniqueness, fashion, self-expression, determination, personal growth, hate free love, intelligence, self love , equality and cancer awareness. (yes all of that!)

Our brand was created to tell a story of a girl who was curious to see if she could put everything she is, has learned,and been though.  Into something she could create, wear and be proud of. It was also created to generate profits to the ACS, (American Cancer Society) in honor of her mother Anita Prince-Coleman.



The plan for XODOHTRONU is to visually reach MASSES of people in order to provoke and promote change. Our idea of change can represent changing the way people dress and their fashion sense.  To finiding a cure for cancer and changing the way people live. The creator of the brand strives to be a change agent of her generation by creating a vehicle to drive inspiration to others through XODOHTRONU. 

The ability to show another person how your mind works is truly a gift. Every design has a story. The logos illustrated have stories that pertain to Second-Life and real life. These stories include social encounters, thoughts, relationships, sports, feelings, & life lessons.

Each garment is hand made and inspected before delivery to ensure the highest quality. XODOHTRONU promotes uniqueness therefore, some designs are limited edition and will never be offered again after they are sold out.  Besides, we understand you don’t want everyone to have access to your own unique look. Style and fashion is not about whats on you, its about whats in you. 

By wearing XODOHTRONU gear you are showing your avid support for the brand and also donating to a great cause. 

XODOHTRONU is more than just a clothing line, its a way of life. Aspire to inspire.