Young M.A “EAT”

Blessing us with six minutes of non-stop bars to remind you, why we love rap. Back at it with a new freestyle video, Young M.A “EAT”

“I just want to thank my mother,” she raps. “For having me after she had my brother / All that pain and that suffer / She ain’t just have us natural / The doctors had to cut her / C-section, but what a blessing.”

Then, the buzzing MC takes on haters who’ve dissed her sexuality. “Goddamn,” she raps. “That just make you look less of a man, fam / To shit on y’all is part of the damn plan.”

Plus, she adds a warning about her debut album. “Nobody’s safe anymore,” she rhymes. “I had to wake you ni**as up, I couldn’t wait anymore / Got so much shit on my mind, couldn’t think anymore / I swear when this album drop, they gon’ hate me some more … Fuck around, they’ll call me M.A. Shakur.”

That’s not all. M.A. continues to bash her foes on “Get This Money,” which appears at the end of the “EAT” clip. “The way these ni**as hate, I hope they get a check for it,” she raps. “Maybe not, but you’ll get checked for it.” Like “Quiet Storm,” “EAT” is a cut off last year’s Sleep Walkin’ mixtape.

Young M.A "EAT"

Female artist Young M.A

 Topping Charts

The video already topping Youtube charts, with over 2 million views in just 4 days. The beat is borrowed from the Lox’s, “Money, Power, Respect.” Most will argue. that this is the official clap back to recent promoters accusing M.A of stealing 33k from them. The promoters stating in several videos & even an “Ooouuu” diss track, that she was paid to perform, and then never showed up to the venue. Say what you want but the drama stopped nothing. If anything it it made the rising star hungry for more. Feed her, “EAT” shall we?  M.a is quickly becoming the reigning punchline king.

Everybody is wondering  how she is rising so fast? Watch this video and you’ll figure it out.

Young M.A “EAT”

Young M.A’s new music video for her freestyle “EAT.” Directed by a piece by guy x Young M.A.
Produced by @yosoydjmostwanted